Women in Maritime Leadership

September 2019

How many captains, officers and chief engineers do you know in the industry? Now ask yourself ...

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Managing your mental health on board

September 2019

Mental health is a hot topic, and rightfully so, being just as important as any other aspect of human wellbeing.  With greater understanding of the importance of ...

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Motivating your Crew

July 2019

There are many great Captains and senior crew who are doing an excellent job. They are fair, competent and organised; they don’t micro manage and they keep ...

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Crew Team Building

June 2019

It’s the start of the season, a fair few new faces on board. There’s an excitement and tension in the air, and a general politeness…. Which we ...

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Money motivates….. but not for long!

May 2019

Much current research suggests that if you are paid a good and fair wage, money is rarely the reason for leaving or for that matter a reason ...

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Interviewing – Delving beneath the surface

April 2019

Interviewing is an art and a skill and one which many of us have to train, develop and practice to become effective at. Crew agents, yacht managers ...

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Upcoming Events

If you’d rather find us at an event near you, then here are the places we’ll be in the next few months.


14 - 15 October 2019

Have you booked your HELM O @ UKSA. Call to reserve your place.

In Monaco

24 - 27 Sept 2019

MYS - It's that time of year again.... See you there!