Crew with Attitude

February 2020

Many crew join a yacht with a great attitude; full of enthusiasm (which may sometimes need harnessing!), motivated and eager to learn. So why is it that ...

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Retaining Crew

December 2019

Crew are at the heart of any vessel’s success. However beautifully designed a vessel, however comprehensive the safety equipment; it is down to the crew’s attitudes, behaviours ...

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Managing Your Career

November 2019

Managing your Career, it’s like a route map – you just need to know where you are going! Are you trusting in fate or planning and managing your ...

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Women in Maritime Leadership

October 2019

How many captains, officers and chief engineers do you know in the industry? Now ask yourself ...

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The Power of 'Thank You'

October 2019

It has long been recognised that a simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done as a disproportionately positive effect on morale. As John Adair wrote, “Praise ...

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Managing your mental health on board

September 2019

Mental health is a hot topic, and rightfully so, being just as important as any other aspect of human wellbeing.  With greater understanding of the importance of ...

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Upcoming Events

If you’d rather find us at an event near you, then here are the places we’ll be in the next few months.


24 - 26 February 2020

HELM O @ UKSA. Last few places remain, call to reserve your place.

Quaynote - Antibes


We will be part of the discussion panel - come and join us!

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