Challenging conversations with crew

July 2024

Whenever we run a HELM course, we always ask the question: ‘As a leader on board what are your biggest challenges?’ Without fail 99% of responses are ...

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Manage your Emotions - that's easy for you to say!

May 2024

Whether in the workplace, at school or in our personal lives, research shows that those who understand and manage their emotions well, are more successful. A piece of ...

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Learning on the job

April 2024

How much learning do we expect our crew to do once they are in a job? According to research, most of it! To ensure that real learning takes place and ...

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Money motivates. but not for long!

February 2024

Much current research suggests that if you are paid a good and fair wage, money is rarely the reason for leaving or for that matter a reason ...

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The Power of 'Thank You'

November 2023

It has long been recognised that a simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done as a disproportionately positive effect on morale. As John Adair wrote, “Praise ...

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Raising The Bar Launches Career Maps to Engage, Inspire and Retain Superyacht Talent

September 2023

For many of our land-based counterparts in ‘normal jobs’, navigating career progression is fairly straightforward. You enter and ...

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