Working with you to improve recruitment success

Crew profiling to support the recruitment process.

Currently the Superyacht Industry tends to recruit based on skills, qualifications and experience. The corporate sector has found that through job profiling and assessing a candidate at a number of levels, recruitment success increases from less than 30% to in the region of 70% – 80% success.

Whilst skills, qualifications and experience will always remain important, we recommend in addition a combination of personality profiling, motivational drivers and crew behaviour in role, to evaluate success for a specific position.
The process involves each shortlisted candidate (typically 3) completing two on-line questionnaires and a one hour telephone interview. One of our highly experienced consultants will then provide a summary report and brief you on their findings of each candidate, prior to your final interview with them. Once you have made your selection, feedback is given to the successful candidate (offered to all) and they are supported in generating a development plan for themselves.


These tools are designed to be used across all sectors, functions and levels and can be used not just to aid in recruitment, but also individual development and in team building workshops. Contact us to find out more.

Impact Crew!

Impact: Focussed interviews,
leading to recruitment success
and integrated crew