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Stress Happens Workshp

Workshop Aims

This interactive one-day workshop focusses on mental wellbeing and in particular stress, providing some insights to help participants manage stress for themselves and maintain a healthy balance of mind. Designed to develop a deeper understanding of how to support oneself and others, as well as where to turn for support.

Drawing upon the participants’ personal experiences, to meet both the needs of the individual and that of the business.

Drawing upon the participants’ personal experiences, to meet both the needs of the individual and that of the business.

Target Audience

Entire crew from one yacht, or a cross section of crew from one yacht. The workshop can also be adapted to meet the needs of shoreside organisations.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:-

  • Identify the causes and consequences of stress, and the impact of prolonged stress on physical and mental health
  • Objectively evaluate their own sources of stress and manage
  • Give constructive feedback on the impact another individual is having
  • Initiate a conversation with an individual who is demonstrating stress related behaviour
  • Know where to go for additional resources and support.

Feedback from a recent event

“The workshop helps crew to be aware of their own behavior and understand their own and others mental health.  It raises awareness and starts the debate in a positive way.”

Workshop Overview

  • Stress and links with mental health
    • What is stress and how does it link with mental health. Is all    bad, or does it help us to perform? But what happens when people   become overwhelmed, or experiences prolonged periods of stress?
  • Sources of Stress
    • Sources of stress are different from one person to the next. In particular the workshop will focus on the impact of social media and bullying.
  • Managing your own stress
    • In much the same way our sources of stress may be different, so too are   the ways in which individuals manage stress. Drawing on the   participants own experiences, preventative tools and techniques will be  shared.
  • Supporting Others
    • Knowing the signs and symptoms it is possible to notice when an   individual is experiencing prolonged periods of stress. Being able to   open a conversation is key to providing support and participants will   have the opportunity to put new skills into practice.
  • Available resources
    • A comprehensive review of the vast range of support and resources   that are available will be shared.

For further information, please do contact either: Karen Passman of Impact Crew on or Liz Baugh of Red Square Medical on

Impact Crew!

Impact: Impact Crew and Red Square Medical have partnered to design and deliver this workshop. As seafarers ourselves, we belief that physical and mental health is a multi disciplinary responsibility and with valuable feedback from industry specialists we have ensured that the seafarer is at the forefront of it all.